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OSET Re-Map Service

Technical Advice

In a nutshell as you reduce peak power, run time increases, since each time the throttle is opened the amount of energy required per degree of throttle movement is ‘capped’. i.e. the limiting factor in the system, after reducing peak power, is now the number of amps the system is running at rather than providing the motor with everything it could cope with. As a result there are a vast amount of potential set-ups a rider could choose from.

For example a potentiometer set to a quick response, running on a low peak power of 40amps, would give a particular riding experience, but also in terms of run time, elicit a similar run time as that of a bike set up with a potentiometer set to a slow response and a peak power of 90amps. It is by definition all relative. It is important therefore to consider the table provided, and draw your own conclusions, as it open to rider preference and demands, and therefore is subjective as to which map is most suitable.

It could even be argued that some maps are more suitable for wet conditions vs dry or even the type of terrain being encountered.

Any of our accredited dealers offering the service will be able to advise you on your choice of map following a consultation and so find the most suitable set up for you.

Available Peak Power Maps

OSET Recommendations 20Amp 30Amp 40Amp 50Amp 60Amp 70Amp 80Amp 90Amp 100Amp 110Amp 120Amp
Age Range (Yrs) 7 7 7 7-8 7-8 8-9 9-10 11-12 12+ 12+ Adult
Rider Weight (Kg) 25 25 25 29 29 32 36 41 46+ 46+ 46+
Ability Level AB AB B B-I I-E I-E E E A A A



Absolute Beginner
Little or no previous riding experience.
Some riding experience/competent in operation of throttle.
Competent rider with some experience of competition.
Experienced competition rider capable of some advanced riding techniques.
Seasoned competition rider with a number of years of well learnt technique.