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OSET Electric Bikes vs GASOLINE/Petrol Bikes

Let’s contrast the OSET experience versus the common gasoline bike experience:

Gas bikes can only be used in designated areas that are usually a drive away. Dad usually wants to ride too. The chilld wants dad to instruct, start his/her bike and pick their bikes if they fall. DAD DOESN’T GET TO RIDE. Dad doesn’t take kid to ride any more and decides to leave it for a few years. Even when the child does ride its all they can do to balance , twist the throttle and turn the bars. Virtually no REAL technique is learned from this!

OSET bikes are virtually silent, and have no oil or gas to leak, no kickstart, no hot exhaust, no carbs, no jetting to do. OSET’s work as well at 13,000’ as at sea level! The child can ride in MANY more areas. Courses can be set up in the back yard, in the garage…Even in the house! Of course, they can also be used at some tracks, in fields and many other places. While your having a cup of coffee, your child can be riding! Because the bikes weigh so little, the children learn how to use their bodies on the bike by standing up, hopping, leaning the bike into turns, lifting the wheels and so much more! They can attempt many more obstacles and techniques in the knowledge that if they get it wrong, they can hold the bike up and save it due to the light weight and low seat height.