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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the batteries last?

That all depends. For ‘trials’ riding by beginners set to half speed, we’ve had a single set of batteries last for 7 hours of stop-start riding. For normal Trials riding in the back yard or at an event, perhaps 2-4 hours. It’s difficult to be precise, as the batteries generally outlast the kids! For full-throttle motocross riding without stopping, run time comes down to 30-40 minutes. There are many factors that determine run time, and it varies greatly. We have purposely designed these machines around inexpensive sealed lead acid batteries that can be switched out in less than a minute . Having a backup set makes perfect sense in many riding situations.

How long to recharge?

From being fully discharged, our standard rate charger will take up to 6 hours to fully recharge the batteries. This would normally occur overnight. The charger is simply plugged into the charge port on the bike, and that’s it! If your at an all weekend event with no electricity , you can plug the charger into an inverter in the car!

Are OSET’s easy to work on?

Yes, and the kids can get involved. OSET’s are very low-maintenance but fun and easy to work on. OSET’s are also easy to alter. The plastic can be changes out in seconds, and we will offer many alternative sticker kits to change the colours. The handlebars, stem and break parts can all be easily changed to save weight and to tailor the bike to the rider. The suspension rates can also be changed by switching out the rear shock and front fork springs.

How fast will they go?

The ‘Speed dial’ allows top speed to be set anywhere from 0mph to maximum. It is very important that beginners start slowly! Maximum speed is about 14 mph on the 12.5 and about 17mph on the 16.0. They are geared for trials, but on their small wheels OSET’s are plenty fast! Acceleration is also super-fast!