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OSET in the News

OSET are getting some fantastic press coverage., with plenty more to come. Demand for bikes is certainly going to outstrip supply, so if you want to buy a bike or bikes, we strongly recommend you vist our online shop

We will post more articles as they are published. Stay tuned!

TRIALS COMPETITION - January 2007. Click Here.

"OSET Electric Mini Bikes Now Available" More.

TRIALS COMPETITION - January 2007. Click Here.

"These new mini dirt bikes from OSET are a quick, easy and environmentally friendly way to get your child on two wheels". More.

MINI RIDER - November 2006. Click Here.

A fantastic 5 page full test article. Great pictures and a great story from a magazine dedicated to Dirt Bikes for kids. GREAT STUFF!

TRIALS COMPETITION - January 2007. Click Here.

"A great way for kids to learn the riding ropes is on the quality-built electric trials bike by OSET. We tested two of them and were impressed." More Here.

MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS - October 2006. Click Here.

"OSET Bikes has come up with a new way to get your small child involved in motorcycling - by introducing pint-sized electric powered trials bikes." More Here.

CYCLE NEWS ARTICLE - August 2nd 2006.

"OSET, a Denver-based company, used the AMA National MX round in Lakewood, Colorado, to debut its new products - electric dirt bikes targeted for children from ages 3 to 10.